33-5607 Selection Process -- Amount Of Awards -- Conditions.

Selection process -- Amount of awards -- Conditions. (1) The state board shall promulgate rules by August 1, 2007, consistent with this section, to determine:

(a) How eligible students will be selected to receive the Idaho opportunity scholarship; and

(b) When the scholarship award will occur.

(2) Funds that are available for the opportunity scholarship program shall be used to provide scholarships based on a sharing of responsibility between the scholarship recipient and his or her family, the federal government and the participating eligible Idaho postsecondary educational institution that the recipient attends for covering the educational costs for attendance.

(3) The opportunity scholarship award shall not exceed the actual educational costs at the eligible Idaho postsecondary educational institution that the student attends. The amount of scholarship for attendance on a full-time basis shall not exceed the recognized educational costs, after deducting the following:

(a) The assigned student/family responsibility, in an amount to be determined by the state board; and

(b) The amount of any other public or private scholarships or grants which the applicant receives.

(4) Any scholarship awarded under this chapter shall not exceed the equivalent of eight (8) semesters or the equivalent of four (4) academic years. An eligible Idaho postsecondary educational institution participating in this program shall be required to submit statements of continuing student eligibility to the state board, which shall include verification that the student is still enrolled, attending full time, maintaining satisfactory academic progress and has not exceeded the award eligibility terms.

(5) Grant payments shall correspond to academic terms, semesters, quarters or equivalent time periods at an eligible Idaho postsecondary educational institution. In no instance may the entire amount of a grant be paid to or on behalf of such student in advance.

(6) If an eligible student, scholarship applicant or scholarship recipient becomes ineligible to participate in the opportunity scholarship program under this chapter or the rules established by the state board, then the eligible student may reapply at any time for further consideration under this chapter.

(7) If an eligible student becomes ineligible for a scholarship under this chapter, or if a student discontinues attendance before the end of any semester, quarter, term or equivalent, covered by the grant after receiving payment under this chapter, the eligible Idaho postsecondary educational institution shall remit, up to the amount of any payments made under this grant, any prorated tuition, fees or room and board balances to the state board. The student shall be required to remit, up to the amount of any other reasonable grant balances, such grant balances to the state board. In the event of extreme hardship as determined by the state board, a student may request waiver of remittance.