33-4606 Duties Of Board.

Duties of board. The responsibilities of the board for this program shall be the same as for the state of Idaho scholarship program except as superseded by the provisions of this chapter and as follows:

(1) The board shall allocate funds for this program to participating institutions on the basis of total enrollment of at-risk persons.

(2) The board shall conduct audits and maintain fiscal controls and fund accounting procedures as may be necessary to assure proper disbursement of funds.

(3) The board shall promulgate rules and regulations as necessary to implement this program.

(4) The total of grant payments to a single recipient may not exceed the grant amount times the following number corresponding to the recipient's class standing as certified by the institution at the time of the initial award: freshman, four (4) years; sophomore, three (3) years; junior, two (2) years; and senior, one (1) year.

(5) The board each year shall compile a report on award recipients which shall include ethnic origin, sex, grade point average, class standing, and number of college credits completed.

(6) The board each year shall compile a report measuring the rates of minority student recruitment and retention at participating institutions.