33-4604 Definitions.

Definitions. As used in this chapter:

(1) "At-risk person" means any Idaho resident who meets three (3) or more of the following five (5) criteria:

(a) Is a potential first-generation college student;

(b) Is an individual with a disability as defined in 29 U. S. C. section 705;

(c) Is a migrant farmworker or other seasonal farmworker or a dependent of a migrant farmworker or other seasonal farmworker;

(d) Is a minority person as defined in this chapter; or

(e) Has financial need as defined in this chapter.

(2) "Board" means the state board of education and the board of regents of the university of Idaho.

(3) "Eligible student" means any graduate of an accredited Idaho secondary school who is an at-risk person as defined in this chapter and who declares his intention to matriculate in an eligible postsecondary institution in the state of Idaho during the education year immediately following application for an award under this program.

(4) "Farmwork" means any agricultural activity, performed for either wages or personal subsistence, on a farm, ranch or similar establishment.

(5) "Financial need" means the extent of a person's inability to meet the institutionally defined cost of education at an eligible postsecondary institution through parent, family and/or personal resources as determined under rules to be established by the state board of education.

(6) "Migrant farmworker" means a seasonal farmworker whose employment required travel that precluded the farmworker from returning to his permanent place of residence within the same day.

(7) "Minority person" means any Idaho resident who is a member of an ethnic group whose members historically have participated in postsecondary education at a rate lower than their occurrence in the population of the United States including, but not limited to, persons of native American, African-American, and Hispanic-American descent.

(8) "Potential first-generation college student" means a person neither of whose parents received a bachelor's degree.

(9) "Seasonal farmworker" means a person who, within the past twenty-four (24) months, was employed for at least seventy-five (75) days in farmwork, and whose primary employment was in farmwork on a temporary or seasonal basis (that is, not as a constant year-round activity).

All terms not specifically defined in this chapter shall be defined as in sections 33-4303 through 33-4315, Idaho Code, governing the state of Idaho scholarship program.