312.3A Street Research Fund

312.3A Street research fund.

Prior to the allocation to the cities under section 312.3, subsection 2, the department is authorized to set aside each year two hundred thousand dollars from the street construction fund of the cities in a fund to be known as the street research fund. The street research fund shall be used by the department solely for the purpose of financing engineering studies and research projects which have as their objective the more efficient use of funds and materials that are available for the construction and maintenance of city streets, including city street bridges and culverts. The research projects and engineering studies authorized shall be conducted in cooperation with the city engineers. On or before January 31 each year the department shall file a report with the governor, state transportation commission, city engineers, chief clerk of the house of representatives, and secretary of the senate showing the work accomplished and projects undertaken under this section.

89 Acts, ch 293, §14