1-5-104 - Entitlement To Paid Holiday Or Equivalent Time

1-5-104. Entitlement to paid holiday or equivalent time.

(a) To be eligible for holiday pay, the employee must be on pay status his or her last scheduled work day before the holiday and his or her first scheduled work day after the holiday.

(b) When a holiday falls while an employee is on annual or sick leave, that day is charged as a holiday and that day will not be charged against his or her annual or sick leave.

(c) When a holiday falls on an employee's regular scheduled day off, he or she will be given equivalent time off.

(d) The following provisions apply to employees who cannot take holidays as scheduled:

(1) Employees must work on holidays when the needs of the agency require it. Department or agency directors will determine the need;

(2) Days off for holidays worked may be taken at a time approved by the employee's supervisor. They are to be taken as soon as it is practical;

(3) Supervisors are responsible for scheduling days off in lieu of holidays for their employees. Department heads and supervisors are responsible for informing their employees of the schedule and the observance of all provisions.