1-3-107 - Fees For Publishing Notices

1-3-107. Fees for publishing notices.

(a) The fees allowed for the publications provided in this chapter shall not exceed one-half (1/2) of the legal rate provided by law for the publication of legal notices except in the case of a newspaper having a sworn circulation of more than five thousand (5,000) when full legal rates shall be paid.

(b) (1) All accounts for publication required by 1-3-102 [repealed] shall be paid by the state.

(2) All accounts under 1-3-103 shall be paid by the state when approved by the Arkansas Public Service Commission or the Arkansas Transportation Commission, as appropriate.

(3) All accounts for publications required by 1-3-104 shall be paid by the county in which the publications are made, when the publications are approved by the county court, and the respective levying courts are authorized to make appropriation for that purpose.

(4) All accounts for publications under 1-3-105 shall be paid by the improvement districts making the publications when the publications have been approved by the commissioners of the districts.